Popular Celebrities Who Do Not Drink Alcohol At All

Everyone believes that because one works in the entertainment industry, they must partake in the party scene and, by extension, other drugs. This is not the case for these famous people who swear they will never drink alcohol again in their lives, glamsquad reports


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Here are seven unusual names that you might not have guessed.

1. Leanna Lewis

The British singer, actress, and model who won the third season of The X Factor claims she despises the taste of alcohol.

2. Natalie Portman

One of the world’s highest-paid actresses, you may recognize her from Star Wars or Black Swan, as well as the numerous academy awards she has received over the years.


3. Jennifer Hudson

From her days on American Idol to her role in Dreamgirls, Jennifer has avoided alcohol completely.


4. Shania Twain

The Queen of Country Pop does not drink alcohol and claims it helps her focus. This explains her five Grammy nominations.

5. Blake Lively

We’re all familiar with Serena from Gossip Girl. She admits to never having used drugs in her life.

6. Tyra Banks

According to Tyra Banks, the key to staying a supermodel is to keep your system and skin alcohol-free.


7. Zendaya

From The Greatest Showman to Spiderman Homecoming and Far From Home, Zendaya has established herself as a household name. “Why try something if you don’t need it?” she breaks the silence during interview on alcohol.

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