Polkadot Founder Announces $5 Million Donation if Ukraine Creates DOT Address: Unverified Addresses Popping Up?

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, has announced that if Ukraine obtains a DOT address, he will personally pay $5 million. According to reports, the donation will be half of what Binance committed.

Ukraine Launches Official BTC, ETC, and USDT Addresses

Other addresses, on the other hand, have begun to appear, accepting various sorts of cryptocurrency, although they have yet to be validated. There have been reports on Twitter that they are a “scam” and that contributors should send their money directly to the official locations.

With the financial and economic situation in Ukraine deteriorating as a result of Russia, an increasing number of crypto donations are being made in favor of the country. Furthermore, Ukraine made its crypto addresses public in order to accept donations in BTC, ETH, and even USDT.

Who is Gavin Wood? - Bitnovo Blog

To corroborate the address, a commenter on the forum shared a tweet from the Ukrainian ministry with the same address.

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, has announced a potential $5 million cryptocurrency donation

Gavin Wood, the founder of a rival cryptocurrency, declared that if the country accepts his coin, he will donate $5 million in cryptocurrency.

However, his announcement was met with criticism, with some claiming that the founder was just interested in promoting the cryptocurrency. Other commenters suggested that because Gavin is the founder of Polkadot, establishing a DOT address would allow Gavin and his supporters to donate in their preferred currency.

Alternate addresses are provided, but commenters label it a’scam’

Another option was for Wood to donate in ETH, but as others in the conversation indicated, this would merely cost further fees. To explain, when one cryptocurrency is converted into another, costs are incurred. This means that the initial $5 million set aside for donations will be lowered.

However, different crypto addresses were provided, including DOT, ACA, KSM, ASTR, KAR, PHA, SDN, QTZ, KILT, AIR, XOR, TEER, and PCX, according to another tweet by Subsocial. However, a message within the post stated that the addresses were a “scam.”

However, as of press time, the legitimacy of Subsocial’s donation addresses had not been confirmed. Others in the chat suggested that money be sent directly to the addresses provided by the Ukrainian government.

Binance made a $10 million donation to Ukraine

Binance just announced that they would be donating $10 million USD to Ukraine in the aim of assisting with humanitarian needs.

If Ukraine decides to register a Polkadot address or if Wood decides to donate in another cryptocurrency, his donation will be half the size of one of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges.

As of this writing, no resolution has been issued, and no word on whether a Polkadot address will be established or whether Gavin will donate in another cryptocurrency.

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