Plane Crash Survivor, Kechi Okwuchi Will Bring You to Tears in New Interview

After the tragic Sosoliso plane crash that took the lives of her friends and classmates, Kechi Okwuchi lay in her hospital bed and made a commitment – “(I decided that) I would spend my life living as fully as possible. That was the best way for me to keep the memories of those that passed away alive.
Almost 15 years later, Kechi is doing just that with her music and inspirational words.

The “America’s Got Talent” alum is featured on “Shake My Beauty” and it’s truly beautiful to watch.
In the eight-minute video feature, Kechi Okwuchi shares her story from growing up in Lagos to early perceptions of her beauty and her life now.

One blessing that came out of the life-changing tragedy was that Kechi’s singing voice changed after the crash. Thanks to that talent, Kechi made it onto AGT and the rest is history.

Thank you Kechi. You’re always a star!


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