PICS: Get A Load Of Haute Images From This Miss Universe Melanin Dripping Contestant

As international Western pageants become less and less relavant in Africa, we can not turn a blind eye to some of the beauties that may engage in them. This year Miss Universe might be seeing one of Africa’s most beautiful participate. Although she won’t win because…obviously! We still can’t deny her looks are on fire.

The dark chocolate beauty goes by the name of Marie Esther Bangura, a fashion model in Sierra Leone who has modeled from brands such as Madame Wokie. Hailing from Free Town, her pefect eyes and lips will in conjunction with her photogenic appeal make her a strong contestant with any field of beauty. The only question is are these international pageants like Miss World, Miss Universe and others going to let aside their racist approach to judging beauty?

Or what if we are wrong? What is it’s not about beauty nor racism but instead……we might just save that for another article. For now enjoy the beauty of Marie below.

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