Photos & Video: 10 Years Later, We Still Do – Naeto C And His Wife, Nicole Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Glamsquad reports that Nigerian Singer, Naetochukwu Chikwe, better known as Naeto C and his wife, Nicole celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary today, 21st July.

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The 39-year-old record producer took and his beautiful wife took to their Instagram pages to share a wedding-themed short video. They captioned it

10 years later, we still do.”

See the pictures and video below,


Glamsquad recalls that Nicole recounted how she was trolled online while dating her husband. She said she was called ugly and criticised for her body shape, nose, hair and teeth.

The 34-year-old also said in December 2010, a secondary school senior had trolled her online saying she was not good enough for her husband, Naeto C.

She noted that the incident was the catalyst she needed to move beyond being okay to falling in love with herself.

She wrote,

“I barely speak about my life with Naeto before we got married because while the relationship itself was (and still is!), amazing it was a painful and traumatizing experience being dragged online every other day. If you were on Twitter then, you’d know that 2010-2012 were hot for me.

“I started dating Naeto C when I was 22 and being in a relationship with a star of that magnitude at the time, especially when I was that young, was challenging.

“Reading that I was ugly, was tough. People would criticize my hair, my face shape, nose, teeth (and that’s just my face, let alone my body!!) but over time I developed thick(ish) skin. So that was pretty good. I started to do okay.

“Well, one afternoon in December 2010, I saw that a guy I went to secondary school with tried to start yet another online conversation about me, and he had tweeted something along the lines of him knowing me from school and I’m a nice person, but quite frankly I am not top 100 finest babes in Lagos, and Naeto can do better than me.

“Omo! I was floored because why would someone I want to school with (but barely knew because he was my senior) not only say I’m not good enough for a man but really emphasize that he also knows me to somehow validate his opinion?

“This incident, while it hurt, was the catalyst I needed to move beyond just being okay, to really falling in love with myself and seeing myself the way God sees me. I have been doing the work to discover how absolutely gorgeous I am, inside and out.

“And to think that 12 years later, I can be on my page talking about how I am the 17th finest girl in Lagos with my full chest is really a testimony to my mental glow up.”

Naeto C and Nicole got married in 2012 and are blessed with three children.

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