PHOTOS: FIFA president, Gianni Infantino unveils ‘Pele’ Stadium in Rwanda

Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, unveiled the first ‘Pele’ stadium in Rwanda after asking every country in the world to name a stadium after the Brazilian legend, glamsquad reports 


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This comes months after he stated that FIFA would request that every country name a stadium after the legendary Brazilian footballer. He made the request after Pele died on December 29, 2018, at the age of 82.


On March 15, Rwandan President Paul Pagame and Infantino officially opened the Pele Stadium in honour of the Brazilian icon. Following the unveiling, the two men competed in the 73rd FIFA Congress Delegation Tournament.

Infantino, dressed in all-blue, faced a team led by Rwanda’s president in a tournament said to include football legends and FIFA officials.


‘We are going to ask that all countries in the world have at least one stadium with the name of Pele,’ Infantino said as Pele’s funeral began in Santos in January.


Infantino continued that the reason behind this idea would be ‘so that children know Pele’s importance’.


The FIFA president also recently paid tribute to Pele during the opening ceremony of The Best FIFA Football Awards in Paris.

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