Peter Okoye slams Nigerians who ignore politicians living large but insult him for spending his hard earned money

PSquare’s Peter Okoye has lashed out at Nigerians who have been dragging him for showing off his Atlanta apartment, glamsquad reports.


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The singer, who is currently on tour, posted photos of his apartment in the United States on social media, prompting some users to accuse him of “showing off.”

@Adeshin77971877 on Twitter wrote:

“Prove it. “Who do you assist?”


Peter responded by writing;

“I and my family.” Pained”


He continued to tweet;

“They use your hard-earned tax dollars to buy houses abroad and send their children to the best schools in the world.” Even go abroad for medical treatment! You come here to troll me because we’re going on a world tour. You require immediate assistance! Ode!

You thank your oppressors for denying you the best things in life, and in February 2023. They will pay you $5,000 if you sell your vote for them. And you expect me to be affected, My Brother? “My sister, all I want is a better Nigeria, so vote wisely.”


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