People think my family grow money on trees – David Alaba’s sister, Rose May

Austrian-Nigerian singer, Rose May Alaba, has lamented that it is difficult for her to find genuine people who believe in her vision because of her family background.

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Rose May, who is a sister to Real Madrid footballer, David Alaba, said people see her family members as cash cows because her brother is a football star.

The singer stated this in a recent interview with 88.5 UFM.

She said, “To be honest, the hustle is real. Everybody wants to make money. And I feel like once people hear my last name because it’s connected to a big soccer player which is my brother [David Alaba], they see us as a bank. They think we grow money on trees. But that is not the case.

“It’s hard to find genuine people who see the vision. And I feel like you always have to believe in yourself first for them to actually help you.”

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