Patience Ozokwor brings unity torch to Lagos

Continuing with the Legends Wrestle for National Unity inter-state tour, Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor, last weekend arrived Lagos with the Unity Torch Presenting the torch last Friday at Terra Kulture, Lagos, Enugu State’s Commissioner for Youth and Sport, Hon. Ndukwe Charles Chuka called on all Nigerians to lend their support to the Unity Torch Tour of the Legends Wrestle for National Unity in honour of our heroes past and Living Legends.
The Commissioner emphasized the importance of unity in Nigeria, stating that Nigerians have no home other than Nigeria. He noted that Lagos state has a vital role to play in the project and that is why the state was made the first stop of the Unity Torch.
Hon Chuka announced that from Lagos the unity torch will be taken round five states of the other geopolitical zones by the Unity ambassador, Patience Ozorkwor, galvanizing support for unity in the country before finally being handed over to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Muhamadu Buhari on the 6th of December in Abuja.
“We are great because we are united. We are great because we are Nigerians. Where do we go from here if we are not united? Through sports, this country has always been united,” he stated.
According to the commissioner, On December 8, there will be a novelty football match between former Rangers FC players and celebrities. On the 10th there will be an award ceremony in remembrance of Nigeria’s sports legends and heroes past.
The grand finale takes place December 18 where wrestlers from all over the world will gather for a unity wrestling bout in honour of our heroes past and Living Legends.
On her decision to be a part of the programme, Ozokwor said; “Sports is one area that is universal. Nigeria has to be one, whether anybody likes it or not, because so many people from the South have really invested in the North and vice versa. We can’t abandon what we have invested. These are things that we are leaving behind for our children. So the best thing is to keep Nigeria one.”

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