Pastor Jimmy Odukoya raises N9.2M to assist church members, Netizens react (video)

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya raises N9.2M to help church members during service

Former Nollywood actor and a newly appointed senior pastor, of Fountain of Life Church, Jimmy Odukoya raised millions of naira for members during a church service.

It’s worth noting that Jimmy assumed leadership of the Fountain of Life Church about two months ago, succeeding his late father, Taiwo Odukoya.

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya raises funds for members during service (video)

In a video making the round online, the preacher was observed collecting donations for a student requiring N140,000 for school tuition. Surprisingly, the total amount raised reached N640,000.

Additionally, a woman shared her need for 7,500 Canadian dollars (approximately N6.3 million), and the church member ended up receiving a total of N9.6 million in support.

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya raises N9.2M to help church members during service

See how Netizens reacted below:

One Peaceful Baddie wrote: “Pastor Adeboye and Oyedepo left the group chat.”

One Ayi Emokpae wrote: “Partial truth. The funds were gathered during Thursday Showers, a morning service that had an auditorium that was less than 1/3 full. When you want to report, double-check your facts. People gave not because he was raising funds. But because they wanted to. Thanksgiving Service at TFOLC was today, and there was baby dedication, but no “fund raising”.

Official Arole wrote: “This is the gospel”

One Rhubina wrote: “Shebi you people were judging him because he has dread on,, now all of you are looking for location to go and beg!”

One Jeffry Pretty Pretty wrote: “If all the big big church in Nigeria were like this poverty for reduce for Nigeria, God bless him.”

One Sabina wrote: “From his purse or from members. He should have call God to send them the money from heaven na. While ask congregation? Shey them de pay tithe give God so he suppose collect from there give them. Many of you don’t think.”

One Anonymous wrote:Good one. Every problem is not solved by praying and fasting for years. God is always standing behind his people in any seen problem.”

One Keddi wrote: “That’s miracle. God don’t need to come down to do it.”

One K wrote: Good risk :,startegy to attract and keep members . All way to work on the mind. A/b test whichever path works , if the accounts no balance after 6 months ,restrategize, .another way to win hearts of his members since he is just talking over, same guy with strategy of disguising ijn malls to surprise some with gifts ..anyway I am.not saying he is wrong , infact he is smart. All the best dude , may the church is increase in your reign”

One Mr Ben wrote: “Na so church suspose be helping memebers out no b pastors way go dey rip members off”

Watch the video below

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