Pastor Jimmy Odukoya advises married women to value their husbands

Jimmy Odukoya

Renowned actor turned clergyman, Jimmy Odukoya, has offered advice to married women on the importance of cherishing their husbands and their marriages.

Jimmy highlighted that outside, the ratio of women to men is five women to one man. Additionally, he mentioned that a man’s growing attractiveness as he ages is often attributed to his financial stability.

He noted that a man in his 50s may attract a woman whom he couldn’t have in his 20s due to his enhanced financial capacity.

He also asserted that the world can be unforgiving, advising women to consistently support and uplift their husbands. He further stated that a woman’s allure increases after marriage because her partner values her loyalty during difficult times.

Jimmy concluded by emphasizing that when a man feels respected and cherished within his own home, he does not need to seek validation elsewhere.

See how Netizens reacted below:

One Imaniokunubi wrote: “Pastor we don’t want men in their 50s o. Men old enough to be our fathers that means we will have to say sa instead of honey. No thanks”

One Prudy Legal wrote: “Let me sha not say what’s in my mind. I have reverence for Clergymen.”

One Sandraisaac Moses wrote: “I don’t completely agree. This is not so for some men”

One Dessy wrote: “God bless your wisdom, if you like don’t listen and be forming woke, oju e a bo”

One Ibronx65 wrote: “Amen Pastor, the right man will appreciate his wife celebrating him and the right wife will appreciate and celebrate her husband.”

One Victoriaebudie wrote: “Motivational speakers in the name of pastors. This message no spiritual at all”

One Tope wrote: “I understand but I’ll disagree with, if they’re full won’t look outside, it should be If The Holy Spirit is in them and in their home- because I have women around me that are virtuous and hardworking but their men dont care but sleeps around- so let’s always put Christ in the home, not the fashion etc- back in the days most women tie wrapper and still their men won’t look outside compare to today, some women will wear shorts nice attractive wears but hubby will still go outside”

Dym Phyna wrote: “Take that young girl in and she would become worst than the wife. You can’t compare a young girl that has little or zero worries to a wife that organizes and take care of the home. Give your wife the treatment and attention you give to young girls outside and watch her treat you like a king, men should also be thought how to take care of their wives also and not just women all the time”

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