Paris Hilton reveals newborn son’s face for the first time

Paris Hilton reveals newborn son's face for the first time

American socialite, model, and  actress, Paris Hilton has shared the first picture of her newborn son’s face as she bravely opened up about her fear of childbirth. 

The 41-year-old businesswoman surprised her fans last month by announcing the birth of her first child with her husband Carter Reum whom they welcomed via surrogacy.

Paris has now revealed they named their son Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum. 

Phoenix stands for “hope, rebirth and transformation” and Paris said she chose his middle name in honour of her late grandfather, Barron Hilton. 

In a new picture of the family-of-three, Paris lovingly cradled her son while Carter placed a tender kiss on his wife’s forehead. 

Phoenix looked adorable in a white and blue baby grow and matching hat. 

Opening up to the publication about her decision to welcome her son via surrogacy, Paris  admitted she was “so scared of childbirth. 

She said:

“I’m just so scared, I think, again, leading back to Provo of even being in a doctor’s office, just all of that. The shots, the IVs that they put in. 

“When I was in The Simple Life, I had to be in a room when a woman was giving birth and that traumatised me as well. But I want a family so bad, it’s just the physical part of doing it. 

“I’m just so scared… childbirth and death are the two things that scare me more than anything in the world.” 

Paris also revealed that she had frozen her eggs on the advice of pal Kim Kardashian and had been planning to have a baby on her own. 

Paris has admitted that she hopes to have more children with her husband and has already planned their names.

Paris first gained media attention in the early 2000s as the heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune and for her appearances on the reality television show “The Simple Life,” which she starred in with her friend Nicole Richie.

Since then, Paris has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, released a music album, authored several books, and launched her own fragrance and fashion lines. She is also known for her philanthropy work and activism on various social issues. Hilton has been a controversial figure in the media due to her lavish lifestyle and her publicized personal life.

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