Our Best Photo On Instagram This Week

Picking the greatest shot that captured our hearts is a top priority for Glamsquad, who choose a carefully curated picture every week from a large pool of talented members. Its distinctive composition, outstanding technical ability, and gripping story make the selected image truly memorable.

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It’s not simple to choose the “best” Instagram photo, though. True quality should be determined by how well a photo affects its audience and how well it can tell a story or arouse emotion, even while the sheer volume of likes and comments a photo receives can be a sign of its popularity.

However, for this week we have one particular photo which captured our attention. Before we go into this lovely pick let’s talk a bit about the designer behind this impeccable piece.

Nigerian celebrity Toyin Ajoke Muyinat Lawani-Adebayo, better known by her stage name Toyin Lawani, is a fashion designer, writer, philanthropist, and successful serial entrepreneur. She leads the Tiannahs Place Empire group, which consists of 33 companies, as CEO. She designed the costumes for Shanty Town and King of Boys: The Return of the King as well.

Over the years, Toyin has evolved bringing about remarkable styles that has left the industry standing still with awe. However, I think it safe to say that 2023 saw some of her best work – but not her last – as she will continue to amaze her fans with breath taking looks.

Here is our best Instagram photo of the week;


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