Oprah Winfrey’s Meghan and Harry Interview: An Impasse or Animoso?

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and Megan, a Royal Palace impasse or animoso?

Oprah Winfrey’s grasp of intimate confessional scoops is quite legendary, dealing with very difficult topics that exposes the fragility of human kind. Her espouse normally tackles taboos from fathers having sexual incestuous relationships to a mother killing her ex-husband and his wife

A lot of these stories have a central theme of inquisitiveness at the core of the salacious or juicy topic born from the intrigue, fascination and curiosity of wanting to know that insatiable quest of wanting to know why people do what they do.

Why will someone be that evil to do a heinous crime, or if it is on the flip side – if it is falling in love, what does it mean being on that magical ride that propels you to want to give your all to one person – that person.

What is in the magical ride? What does it mean even? Why will Tom Cruise jump on a sofa with excitement expressing how happy and the joy of his romantic love  for Katie Holmes, and the subsequent breakdown saga that is now relived in public, juxtaposed with the later breakdown and how it played out in public. You will think the UFO came and temporarily abducted Tom Cruise in that minute.

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Look at the heartbreak when our loved-up golden couples break-up. We are all quick to watch the saga about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston; it was a break-up that broke every heart.

When Oprah interviewed and dissected the stories on her talk show, Cruise jumped on her sofa as Aniston bore her soul to Oprah; Brad came along too sat on the sofa.

In all her interviews I love Oprah for her incisive in-depth analysis of difficult subjects.

She employs the use of empathy and compassion combined with her powerful story-telling gift to get even the most touching secrets from her guests.

Oprah advocates for us all to live our truest and best self. We are all looking for one thing which is happiness – and Oprah wants us to achieve that, and she is passionate for us to do that and challenges ourselves.

So here is the thing, Harry and Meghan’s interview is no different. While we all wait for this interview, please allow us to watch this incisive interview devoid of criticism.

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Oprah will never disrespect the queen, and Harry and Meghan will not do anything to dishonor the monarch. In fact, the interview will be in good taste; it is a medium for Harry to tell their own truth and lay bare their own clarity of truth for themselves.

It is their story and should be seen as a light-lightheaded espouse, not a bashing opportunity.

Everything will be in good taste and our queen of hearts will continue to give and dish us empathy and kindness in a buffet, let’s wait and see!

Oprah is our girl to deliver our much awaited buffet; believe me when I say that the monarch have nothing to be afraid of.

Let’ enjoy this!


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