“Only a cheating wife will be scared of getting a DNA test”- Actress Ovire Peggy

Nollywood actress and model Peggy Ovire, who is also known as Ego Oyibo has stated her opinion about dating and marriage.

The Husbands of Lagos star actress in a recent interview avows that marriage is build with trust and that asking for a DNA test means you don’t trust your wife.

She said: “The topic of DNA is a very sensitive issue. But my take on this will be; Why start a family with someone you can’t or don’t trust? If and when I get married and my hubby asks for a DNA test, I would want to know why he feels our kids are not his before going ahead to get it done. Besides, only a cheating wife will be scared of getting a DNA test. but also the man should have it in mind that “trust once broken cannot be fixed.”

“I’ll never date or marry a lazy man or a man who loves to party; spends more time outside than at home. A man who’s not into me and who thinks a woman is a slave. A thrift spender who has no moral values is a turn off for me.”

Ms Ovire further stated that she would rather settle for an average hardworking man with a prospective, “Anybody could be rich at any time, look for a man with prospect. A man with a vision. Most of the rich men you see today, I’m sure married their wives when they were still struggling. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t from this generation, only few still have values and see life differently.”

Lending her feminine voice to the trending DNA Test saga, the CEO/Founder of the Peggy World Clothing Line says she sees nothing wrong with reinstating the paternity status of the kids in a marriage.