We are excited that as Lagos is counting down to its 50th anniversary, the huge One Lagos brand is going to be a part of Africa Fashion Week London 2016.

According to the Commissioner, London and Lagos have a long rich history  and creating global brand awareness for Lagos in London is the right thing to do, given the huge number of Lagosians and friends of Lagos that reside and work in London.

The “One Lagos” brand showcases the true spirit of Lagos through different creative expressions while leveraging on the city’s abundant soft power and celebrating the people, places and unique heritage of Lagos.

The brand leverages on the best of the most populous black city, the second largest film industry on the globe, the richest city in Africa and the fashion, technological, design and aviation hub in Africa, as well as promote the diverse multi-cultural heritage of Africa’s largest mega-city and showcase the vibrant energy of its people.

One Lagos is aimed at pioneering a truly unique brand that is true to the spirit, character and traditions of Lagos State.

Sebastiane Ebatamehi

I am a Writer and Online Publicist, destined to give a voice to the silent echoes and hush whispers that are seldom heard