Olumide Oworu to go into music

Sammi Sikpojie   [email protected]

I had a chat with Olumide Oworu and he gave some insights into the Johnson’s and also revealed he is going into music. Read the interview below.


What was the experience like in shooting Meet the Johnsons?

It was so much fun shooting The Johnsons. I really enjoy it. It’s a very enjoyable experience. We’ve been doing it for a long time so we are just cool, even offset it’s an actual family if you really think about it.

Do you guys (the cast) communicate outside of the Show’s set?

Yeah we talk, everybody has busy schedules so we don’t get to meet up as much as we would like. But we look out for each other and we try to keep in touch as much as possible.

How is Spiff in real life?

[He laughs] Spiff in real life and on the show are two different people. He is a graduate of political science at UNILAG, he is a well learned and calm guy that has hid head well on his shoulders.

You want to tell us about your music?

I do music as a side project, actually its my hobby. I plan on putting out material this year so people can get to know me on another dimension, a personal level because I get to talk about myself in my music.

Do you believe in the saying “The best musicians are hobbyists?”

Possibly, because that way your music is original and from a fresh angle. It always helps when your music is unique and does not sound like anybody.

Do you plan to launch a mainstream music career?

Eventually, I am going to. Firstly I would put out some music on soundcloud. If the reception is good, shoot a couple of videos and take it from there.



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