Ogoor: I was rejected many times

Rising singer, Ogochukwu Oye, aka Ogoor has revealed how she was rejected at many music reality shows. The revelation is coming after the artiste made debut with her first single, ‘You Are Mine’.

“It wasn’t an easy journey for me,” she said, adding that she thought she could kick-start her career through reality show but to no avail.

“I attempted almost all the reality shows but I just wasn’t lucky to make it through and like I say, some people will kick off their career through that means and many of us will hit the limelight through working meticulously and righteously to put our music out there,” the Awka, Anambra State-born artiste noted.

On her kind of music, the singer explained that her genre can’t be confined to a particular type, as her soulful ballads aim at appealing to the hearts of many.

When asked if she sings the usual R&B or Gospel, Ogoor stressed that she sings about anything and everything worthy of creation as she taps her inspiration from people around, her family, friends as well as her personal experience.

“My kind of music can’t be boxed in one genre because for me, I am a musician and music flows from my soul, I write and also see others write but I can tell you when I sing, it’s for a purpose, probably to share a particular experience or someone’s experience.

“I can do any genre, I can sing but my rhythm for now has seen me launch my career with a low tempo yet appealing and alluring to the ears. Music means so much to me and my passion for music has always been from my childhood days,” she said.

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