Oba Akanbi Hailed By Prince Harry As His ‘New In-Law’ Is A Criminal

The Mail on Sunday reveals that one of the kings hailed by Prince Harry is a convicted fraudster who was twice kicked out of the United States.

Prince Harry gestured towards the Nigerian royals ranged before him, playfully calling them his ‘in-laws’.

“I’ll skip the protocol because at this point we’re all family,’ the duke added, to more guffaws. On reflection, though, maybe it wasn’t such a big joke after all.

Monarchs journeyed from all corners of Nigeria to honor the 42-year-old former Suits actress. In Nigeria different regions continue to have monarchies, now with ceremonial roles rather than constitutional powers, representing the groups that existed before colonization.

And staking his own people’s claim on the duchess, he bestowed on her the Yoruba name Adetokunbo meaning ‘royalty from across the seas’.

Akanbi, the 56-year-old Oluwo of Iwoland in Western Nigeria, is a convicted conman whose own people have called for his dethronement

Four years ago, a letter from a lawyer representing the Association of Iwoland Indigenes in Diaspora (AIID) accused him of ‘conducting himself in manners which are antithetical to that of a monarch in any clime and very unbecoming of a Yoruba Oba’.

It said he assaulted another monarch Dhikrulahi Akinropo of Ogbagba during a ‘peace meeting’ to settle a land dispute. But Akanbi said that Akinropo had interrupted his speech and tried to attack him with his golden staff of office.

‘He started calling me unprintable names, pointing his staff of office at me while attempting to stick the staff into my eyes,’ said Akanbi. ‘I heavily rejected it with a force he could not withstand.’

Much worse was to come from others, though, including his ex-wife Chanel Chin, the daughter of a Jamaican reggae star, who has called him a ‘devil’ and publicly accused him of sexual assault.


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