Not Everyone Who’s Nice To You Is Flirting – Actor, Mike Godson

Actor Mike Godson has created an interesting internet debate by asserting that a man playing the role of Mr. Nice Guy in a lady’s life is not a flirt.

He stated that being pleasant and cordial to a women should never be interpreted through an incorrect prism, as it has historically been. “Not everyone who is courteous to you is flirting with you; some men were raised to be gentlemen,” Mike stated.

Actor, Mike Godson

As previously said,… attached a variety of answers from his Instagram followers, and you can see a few of them here:

aschneborne: “Some men are raised to be gentleman I agree with you but right now there is a few guys on IG that is pretending to be you mikegodson ? Flirting and asking for gift cards and money ?slandering your good name”.

Actor, Mike Godson

skiieberry: “True talk…Also not every lady who is nice to a guy is flirting with him, some ladies were raised to be nice”.

kjessicam: “yeah that’s so true I will not pay attention to them much love to you my favorite ”.

bigred430: “I don’t know you personally but your persona gives humbleness,professionalism and you seem to be an extrovert so keep on being a GENTLE MAN.  @mikegodson”.

kachdoro: “@mikegodson indeed some men were raised to be Gentle men, and I believe you’re one of them”.

mhizta_johnlyn: “You just nailed it all sire @mikegodson you really are my inspiration and role model, i wish to be like you when I grow up ”.

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