Nons Miraj makes U-turn following claim on how boring London is

Popular Nigerian online skit maker, Nons Miraj has finally withdrawn her statement on the boring nature of London.

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The skit maker who believed that Nigeria is always full of drama, lamented on the excessive heat in Nigeria, after visiting the country.

She cried out on how she usually sweat profusely while in Nigeria and unable to guide her utterances.

Nons Miraj is one of the popular content creators in Nigeria. She resides in London. She is known for posting funny skits online.

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In her words as captured by glamsquad,

I’m sorry, I was where there was cold, I said I wanted heat. This is like to-five and I’m sweating profusely; what happened? I want to go back to London. Nigeria is not for me! When I was there, I didn’t knew; nobody told me that Nigeria is hot like this. I opened my mouth and was talking jaga-jaga-jaga. It was like when I was there, I forgot how Nigeria was.”

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