Nollywood Actress Genny Uzoma Bares Thought On ‘Love At First Sight’

Genny Uzoma, a popular Nollywood actress and filmmaker, has revealed in an interview that she does not believe in love at first sight.

The screen diva was asked if she believes love happens at first sight, she says, “It happens, I guess. For me, I think it is more of lust or physical attraction at first sight. I may have said ‘yes’ wholeheartedly if I was asked this question 10 years ago. But now, I know that there is more to love than just meeting someone for the first time. And, love is even not enough most of the time (in relationships).”

On how she has been able to stay away from controversies, Uzoma said, “I would not say I have the cleanest slate. I guess I don’t make lots of noise, thereby not attracting too much attention to myself. However, that might not be such a great idea in the entertainment industry because people thrive on controversies. One would also need to be noticed in order to make a headway in showbiz. That’s why it is said that ‘all publicity is good’. Though it is tricky, one needs to find a balance around it.”

Uzoma who is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after faces in Nollywood movies, bemoaned the rate at which Nigerian movies are shown in cinemas.

She said, “Most certainly, not all movies should make it to the cinemas. I’m in the (film) business, so I understand how filmmakers feel. Nobody makes movies with the intention of it being crappy but sometimes, it turns out that way due to some reasons such as sound, lighting, storyline or acting.

“If it turns out that way, there are other platforms to market and distribute our movies. We should not turn the cinema to a play thing or a joke, and constantly have the audience or reviewers insulting our movies. These things should be looked into by filmmakers and movie distributors. On the other hand, we are also improving and I know we will definitely get there, though politics will also always come into play.”

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