Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi releases footage to prove his innocence amidst domestic abuse accusations from his wife, Oreofe Grace

Glamsquad reports that Yomi Fabiyi, a Nigerian movie star, releases footage to prove his innocence after his wife accuses him of domestic abuse.


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This comes just days after the actor’s wife, Gracie, hinted at their marriage’s demise while confirming that she was used throughout the marriage.


Yomi Fabiyi, in response to the saga, shared video evidence on his Instagram page to debunk claims of domestic abuse.



Yomi was involved with police officers after midnight in one of the videos, claiming that his wife was threatening his life.

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He wrote about sharing the video;


Aren’t you supposed to verify if someone sent you a message threatening to ruin my brand, career, and personality, unless you’re an equal criminal and quack? You label and denigrate me to the detriment of my career.

It’s a shame that a few people still visit, support, and motivate a criminal who hides behind journalism to commit crime with reckless abandon.

These individuals, as well as those who cite the criminal platform as a source, are accomplices and a danger to society.

BEFORE I RUN, I WILL WAIT UNTIL I AM KILLED. Men go through hell, but these criminals continue to use the GENDER CARD AND EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL against them. Enough!

As previously stated, anarchy looms.

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