Nollywood Actor Kevwe Ogunje Speaks About His Fears On Moving Back To Nigeria On Interview With

In an interview with Chidumga Izuzu of Pulse Nigeria, Nollywood actor Kevwe Ogunje, who quit his job in London for acting spoke about his fears as an actor in Nigeria, getting into character, what the industry could do for up and coming actors among other interesting topics.

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Kevwe Ogunje (Tribeman Agency )

On deciding to be an actor and ever wanting to quit

“In my university days, when I saw the popularity. It makes the girls hover around you like they did to Uti Nwachukwu who was my classmate in University back in Nigeria.

“I was always in the drama unit from primary school to secondary school where I was even made social prefect because I could organize school events and drama presentation.

I have never had a reason to quit, I left a very decent finance job to delve into entertainment fully.  My friends thought I was mad but here I am with my talent feeding me and I have happiness unlimited.”

On classic Nollywood movies that influenced his decision to act

“I think Living in Bondage and Silent night.”

Kevwe Ogunje (Tribeman Agency)

On regrets moving back to Nigeria

“Maybe just like 10 times a day [laughs]. I hardly regret decisions made from an informed position, I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to relocate.

My plan is to be here for two years and then take it up from there.”

On some of his fears as an actor in Nigeria

“The structure of Nollywood and lack of policies protecting the creative industry and intellectual property.”

On difference between working abroad as an actor and working in Nigeria

“No real difference.  Abroad you get luxury of good locations at almost for free, no area boys hounding you down on regular bases, but in the Nigeria, you get access to extremely talented people with growing names or established names in the in the industry.”

Kevwe Ogunje (Tribeman Agency)

On what he loves and hates about being an actor

The simple fact that I can get away with most things just because I act. I hate the fact that people always second guess me also because of acting.

On getting into character

“I try to get enough character breakdown from my director, then I internalise the character and zone out every other thing.”

On most challenging process he had to go through to bring a character to life

“First time I was to play a romance scene with a lady I already had affections for.

“I am a very shy person and I just started acting properly then, so it was very difficult to differentiate the character from Kevwe Ogunge.”

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On definition of a good production [stage or screen]

“A production to me is good when the story line is amazing and interpreted correctly. Picture and sound quality must also be good.”

On what an upcoming actor must know to make it

“The day new faces in the industry stop referring to themselves as upcoming, that day life will become easier.

Persistence and consistency for new actors are the very key. The doors will not automatically open for you, you have to force your way in with your dignity and self-respect intact.”

On what Nollywood isn’t doing for young actors

“Nigerians like to deal with big names, that’s why you get actors who are 45 years old still playing 25-year old students in the university.

This is because the producers are scared to use talented unknown names. When this changes, the industry will be better.

Also, there is this clique thing in Nigeria that I do not understand, everybody is almost forced to belong to a clique.”

On upcoming projects

“There’s “Twisted,” a 13-episode series I produced jointly with Kande Fatti. It’s directed by Ruke Amata and will be showing on Africa Magic pretty soon.

I also have a new film “Love, Sex and Religion,” which will be in the cinemas soon.”

Ogunje is popular for “Shameful Deceit,” “London Na War” and “At Home Abroad.”



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