Movie Review: “No Time To Die” is for a serious James Bond lover, but…

New James Bond movie 'No time to die' premieres today as Daniel Craig takes a bow

Glam Squad Magazine earlier reported about the premiere of “No time to die“, which is Daniel Craig‘s last appearance in a James Bond movie.

No time to die” was premiered in major countries over the world including Nigeria. We also shared the thriller of the movie.

Here is what we think about the movie after watching it. We kind of recommend it, as we feel you have to be a very passionate/serious James Bond lover to enjoy the whole stuff, but it’s an amazing movie overall.

Not Time to Die Movie Review

To finish the almost three-hour film is both emotionally and physically taxing. Those three hours, on the other hand, are packed with mountains, hills, and even valleys of terrific action, as well as far too many actions.

This year’s episode of James Bond doesn’t let up, as there are practically battalions of assassins around every corner, resulting in a never-ending barrage of action sequences and what is undeniably the toughest James Bond film yet.

Yes, it’s the most difficult. But it’s also the softest and most romantic; ‘No Time To Die’ sticks true to its title and proves to be the closest James Bond film has ever come to becoming a tearjerker.


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