Nina Ricci sentenced to jail for tax fraud

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Nina Ricci is sentenced to one year imprisonment for tax fraud in Paris.

According to telephone conversation with her daughter, The multimillionaire refused to  pay the correct tax for over 20 years , “I was never troubled. So I bought a chalet in Klosters, and now it’s fine,” Ricci was recorded saying, referring to how she hid her money in real estate, r “It’s been three years so I think I’m free of any type of inspection. Everyone got done but not me. They had to give themselves in and pay a fortune.” Later in the conversation when Vignat expressed concern that it would “cause damage” if revealed, Ricci replied: “Yes, of course, because all that is very illegal.”

  The 74-year-old was fined over £700,000  and her properties  worth £2 million, seized.

Additional Credits: Daily Mail


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