“Nigerian political system is cursed” – Mr Macaroni laments

Mr Macaroni
Mr Macaroni

Popular skit maker and comedian Mr. Macaroni, real name Adebowale Adedayo, has shared his opinions on the current political system in Nigeria.

He suggested that a persistent curse might be plaguing the nation’s political system.

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The comedian brushed off plans to enter politics in the future. The 30-year-old thinks that once someone joins the Nigerian political system, it tends to corrupt even the most honest people.

He said,

“I think in the Nigerian political system or space, at it were, there’s a curse roaming around there because we’ve seen great men, men of valour go into that space and become something we no longer recognise.”

Mr. Macaroni said that his activism has its origins in his high school years, when he first became strongly opposed to lying and treating others unfairly.

He emphasized the value of showing respect to others. He added that anyone who doesn’t respect others will surely encounter his criticism.

In his words,

“I think it started from secondary school, naturally I don’t like being cheated and I don’t like people around me to be cheated, just treat people with respect. So the moment you do not, then you have a problem with me.”