Nigerian Native doctor, Chi Marine Temple forgives comedian, Ada Jesus as Prophet Odumeje, Rita Edochie condemn her to death

Popular Nigerian native doctor (juju man), Chi Marine Temple, has forgiven controversial comedian, Ada Jesus, for daring him and calling him ‘fake and powerless’.

This comes after she was condemned to death by controversial prophet, Odumeje and his right hand woman, Rita Edochie.

Ada Jesus made the rounds online sometime last year after she left odumeje’s church and branded him ‘fake’.

She also rained curses on Rita Edochie who is a strong follower of the prophet as she accused them of performing fake miracles.

Ada Jesus also had an online fight with Asaba based native doctor, Chi Marine Temple.

They all publicly laid curses on her.

Fast forward to this year, Ada went down with a kidney disease and is said to be also struck by stroke.

it’s said that her predicament is medically impossible to treat as she has been advised to go and plead with some people she offended with her post on Facebook and got cursed by them to avert the curses laid on her.

She visited Odumeje and Rita Edochie at his (Odumeje) church, but the duo blatantly refused to forgive her.

In the video, Rita Edochie is also heard saying, “You will go from her, you will die from this so that others can learn” – In Igbo.

However, popular Asaba-based Native doctor, Chi Marine spirit, who is also a victim of her online bullying forgave her.

Her family took her to Chi Marine’s shrine to beg the native doctor for forgiveness. He received them, forgave her and performed some rituals to reverse the curses he had laid on her.

Watch the videos below:

Her visit to Odumeje’s

Watch her visit to Chi Marine Temple below:


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