Nigerian Comedian, Mr. Patrick Mentions Names of Friends Trying To Get Him Deported From US(VIDEO)

Mr. Patrick, a Nigerian comedian and performer, claims that persons close to him are working hard to have him deported from the United States.

In a video released on social media, the comedy star went on a rant, accusing his friends of plotting his demise.

Mr Patrick recalled his wife’s online charges against him in October 2021, and observed that his buddies were to blame.

He named the alleged friends and claimed they were misinforming his wife and leading her to believe he was an unfaithful husband.

Mr. Patrick

He stated that they particularly instructed his wife to ensure that he is deported for being a cheat, but he highlighted that deportation is not done in that manner, especially given his spotless background.

Mr. Patrick disclosed that he already had a green card before arriving to the United States, and that he is not like some people who marry residents of their host nation in order to obtain a green card.

Watch the videos below:

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