Nigerian celebrity actress, Toyin Abraham suffers unknown illness

Toyin Abraham, a Nollywood actress, took to Instagram to reveal that she has been battling an unexplained sickness for the past several days.

Toyin Abraham is ill

According to the mother of one, she has been sick for a long time and has a lot going on in her life that she does not share on social media.

Toyin stated that she is still making time for her new movie development as well as the debut of her film “The Ghost and the Tout” in the midst of all of this.

Toyin stated she spent some days in the hospital and also conducted some steam inhalation at home, without specifying the severity of her illness.

Sharing some of the videos from when she was doing self-medication at home, the Alakada Producer wrote;

“Over the last few days, I’ve been very ill, still, I was shooting my new movie for my YouTube channel and also running errands for the Ghost and the Tout too premiere. Beyond all the glitz, glam and strong moments y’all see here most times, these videos are some of the unglamorous behind-the-scene moments you don’t always get to see. And no, I’m not trying to share everything with the world, I’m just trying to remind us that social media life is a curated life and the only reason we see the things we see here, is because we choose to let you see them.

See how my husband @kolawoleajeyemi and PAs joyfully set me up with videos during a steam inhalation moment after getting back from the hospital. Anyways, all these my stories sha is just to remind you that the Ghost and the Tout too is coming to all cinemas nationwide from September 10! Are you ready to túyáyá túyàyà?”

Nigerian celebrities, fans and followers of the mother of one have taken to the comment section of her post to pray for her and wish her quick recovery.

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