Neymar Extends Digital Investment Portfolio

Brazilian international soccer superstar Neymar has added to his portfolio of investments by purchasing another NFT to add to his collection. The 30-year-old’s latest foray into non-fungible tokens set him back 159.99 ETH ($457,000), and he was expressed his delight by sharing it on his personal Twitter feed.

The pink ape wearing futuristic glasses is his second purchase from the Bored Ape Yacht Collection after he previously obtained Ape 5269, for which he paid 189.69 ETH ($542,000). However, Neymar doesn’t limit himself to these famous digital primates as he’s spent well over $1m on NFTs already. He’s bought and sold CryptoPunks and Doodles, and he has NFTs from the ACESnikers collection. It just highlights how he continues to embrace the new digital world, which is proving very popular with some of the most revered stars on the planet.

Neymar is the most famous current soccer player from Brazil who is an icon for supporters of the sport worldwide due to his skill, lighting quick pace, and ability to score goals. His outstanding ability has been evident from a young age, as Neymar made his debut in professional soccer at just 17 years old. He scored over 100 goals in just over 100 games for his club, Santos, before moving to Europe, signing for the Spanish giants Barcelona.

While with the Catalan giants, he formed a lethal partnership with Lionel Messi, a global soccer star in his own right, which earned him a transfer to one of the world’s richest and most forward-thinking teams.

Neymar’s club side, Paris St Germain, are at the forefront of the NFT revolution, holding the highest price for their fan token. They’re also fancied in this season’s Champions League – they’re the second highest-ranked non-English team in the betting listings on Coral. If they were to win the competition for the first time, it would doubtless improve Neymar’s NFT spending power! Although he won’t be too worried if success on the field isn’t immediate, his bank balance has been boosted by cameo appearances on some notable TV shows, with the most recent being the global hit, Money Heist on Netflix.

No matter what his future holds in soccer or on the small screen, Neymar’s already very notable successes have allowed him to join the ranks of world-famous sports stars who are all seeing the value of some of the hottest properties in NFTs. Super Bowl winner L.A. Ram’s linebacker Von Miller has purchased his own ‘bored ape’ and so has Steph Curry of the former NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors.

So, what’s next for Neymar? Will it be another investment in digital art? Or will he tread on the heels of Curry once again by creating a personalized line of NFTs for the Metaverse? After all, he’s already endorsed by Nike, who as reported by The Verge have moved into the world of digital footwear. Some may say it’s the perfect partnership between two of the most influential brands in sport, so watch this space.

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