New Crypto Trading Platform with Over 500 Cryptocurrencies

IXFI, a new cryptocurrency trading platform, has been launched. The exchange aims to strengthen the cryptocurrency business by providing novel crypto services that will facilitate trading and assist investors in creating a crypto ecosystem in which all of their financial activities may be carried out. IXFI, which debuted on December 1, is ready to begin onboarding traders, both new and experienced.

Cristian Andrei, a Romanian businessman who also serves as the exchange’s CEO, launched IXFI, which is registered and licensed in Estonia as a financial services firm with authorisation to operate cryptocurrency exchange platforms and related activities. The IXFI exchange platform is now available as an online platform. It is currently developing a mobile app, which will be released in February 2022.

Traders on the exchange will have access to over 500 cryptocurrencies and will be able to explore the market in over 1000 trading pairings. The live market feed is updated without lag, and traders can anticipate their trades to be executed instantly.

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IXFI Introduces Exciting Crypto Trading Features

The crypto community is going to benefit from a number of novel features that will make trading easier and more enjoyable for them. According to Andrei, the exchange aims to provide an alternative financial system where traders of all levels of experience can benefit from a simple and secure platform to begin trading. The following are four of the most intriguing features on IXFI that are currently in development:

Crypto Cards from IXFI

IXFI will provide a service that will enable customers to obtain debit cards linked to their accounts. The cards will be PoS-ready and contain multi-layer security. Users can use these cards to make transactions from any compatible facility in the globe, subject to permissions. IXFI’s mission is to deliver the actual potential of decentralized finance to the globe by removing the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing their money at any time.

Loans in cryptocurrency

Users will be able to obtain cryptocurrency loans. These loans are not the same as those now available on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Users will be able to take out crypto loans and use the funds on other platforms thanks to the loan feature. However, a safeguard is tied to the present abuse. Loans will be made available to users in proportion to their holdings.

On Staking, Competitive APY

Users on IXFI can stake tokens to win prizes. The exchange guarantees that its APY will be higher than the industry average. Staking is still one of the most effective strategies for investors to gain additional tokens without actively trading the market.

Fund Transfer Is Simple And Easy

Registered IXFI users can send and receive tokens on the network without the need for a separate wallet address. Users can send cash to other users by using simply their registered email addresses or phone numbers. This substantially eliminates the complications that new users confront on other controlled exchanges where they must send or receive monies via wallets.

IXFI is looking for operating licenses in more countries

To reach a larger audience, the exchange will seek certification from regulatory organizations in countries other than Estonia. This will assist IXFI in operating within the law and avoiding some legal issues. According to Andrei, IXFI aspires to introduce fresh and distinctive crypto features to the world and assist more people in adopting the new digital technology.

In recent months, there has been a surge in efforts to regulate the crypto business. Despite the hurdles, IXFI is sure that it will be granted authorization to provide traders from various backgrounds with a safe means to trade and profit.

Above all, IXFI’s alternative banking capabilities might propel it to the forefront as the globe transitions to a digital asset economy.