Netizens react as Nollywood filmmaker, Ugezu Ugezu shares parenting advice

Netizens react as Nollywood filmmaker, Ugezu Ugezu shares parenting advice

The act of parenting has continued to be a topi c of debate in society.

One would agree that is no perfe6 manual on how to properly bring up a child either as a single parent or couple. To some extent, society will continue to reflect the morals parents inculcate in children.

Taking a look at the decision-making aspect of parenting, Nollywood filmmaker, Ugezu Ugezu, opines that the most devastating thing a parent can do to a child is to rudely deny the child a chance to partake in the decisions that affect them.

Taking to his Instagram page, Ugezu stressed that a child must be involved in their decision-making because it is their future involvement.

He noted that his post is for those who understand what parenting means.

Ugezu wrote:

“The most devastating thing any parent can do to his or her child, is to rudely deny that child, the chance to partake in decisions that affect his or her future directly. It is the child’s future and his or her opinion must be heard and assessed. Blatant refusal to even listen will ruin that child’s confidence. Ugezu J. Ugezu writes”.

Mixed reactions trail Ugezu’s parental advice

Netizens have reacted with mixed feelings to Ugezu’s parental advice. While some are of the opinion that it is a good move, others argue that it is a bad advice that can’t stand the test of time in Africa.

Chichi wrote: Facts. But then, not in Africa.

De boi wrote: Na for those days oooooo, try that with dis new generation and you will be shocked that they are studying a different course in school…

Anthony wrote: What about Bobrisky and co. Don’t you all hate on them? Celebrity sage.indeed.

Condition man wrote: So if my child wants to be bobrisky, no problem then??? U dey yarn nonsense. This is Africa and not oyinbo land, wake up dude!

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