Netizens fumes as Police fails to unveil face of nurse who injected Mohbad: “Show us her face”

Netizens fumes as Police fails to unveil face of nurse who injected Mohbad: "Show us her face"

The aftermath of Mohbad’s untimely demise has ignited a flurry of controversies, with the most recent development pointing to police investigation suggesting that it was the nurse’s injection that played a pivotal role in his tragic passing.

Earlier today, Lagos State Police Commissioner, CP Idowu Owohunwa in a press statement disclosed stated that Mohbad began vomiting and developed goosebumps after he was injected three times by a nurse, Feyisayo Ogedemgbe, on September 12, 2023.

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He said,

“She is the principal suspect in the death of Mohbad. She acknowledged that it was the injection she administered on the deceased that triggered the reactions which eventually led to Mohbad’s death. Other experts’ opinions and witnesses statements corroborated her admittance.

“The commissioner also added that: “Her actions of administering doses of Tetanus toxoid, paracetamol, intravenous and cetrazone injection which was also administered intravenous on Mohbad at his residence on 12th September 2023, immediate triggered the reaction including vomitting, goose bumps and convulsion that eventually resulted in the singer’s death”.

Before the press release, Netizens fingered Naira Marley and his aid Sam Larry as the perpetrators of Mohbad’s death.

In one of the videos of Mohbad’s assault that went viral, Sam Larry was seen invading a music video shoot involving Mohbad and singer, Zlatan with the intent to assault the former.

Nevertheless, the attention has now shifted from Naira Marley and Sam Larry to The nurse who administered injections and Mohbad’s childhood friend, Primeboy.

While Netizens are of the opinion that the police are trying to shield the two who have been accused, they demand transparency and question why the face of the nurse remains hidden.

See comments below

One Ify wrote: “Why is the police hiding the nurse face? we need to see her life and direct”.

One I Am king Trey wrote: “dude is not alive to speak. Meanwhile we never see nurse face”.

One Ese wrote:See the thing I’m talking about, hiding suspect face from the public and you want people to believe the report is accurate. A nurse giving patient 3 injections without running test to know exactly what is wrong and expects recovery?? Like seriouslyyyyyyyyy???? Is that how dull we look?”

One Stardo official wrote: “What does the autopsy say …. You can’t attribute the “injection” to his death without evidence from pathology to back it up”

One Nkekendo wrote: “Make it make sense please, why didn’t they take him to the hospital initially? Why calling an auxiliary nurse to treat him in the house? What was he being treated for? Where was his wife?”

One SeyiShey wrote:They know that the guy is dead so they’ll also blame him for his own death. They know that he can’t defend himself anymore. Everyone that has a hand in his death and those trying to cover up the culprits will know no peace. You’ll go through what he went through and will never find help.”

One Smithe wrote: “Judging from this narrative, it`s likely the auxillary nurse gave the Ceftriaxone, Paracetamol and Procaine Penicillin as an Intravenous concoction which is a regular practice among quacks. The Procaine Penicillin is never to be given intravenously as it could trigger a severe life threatening anaphylactic reaction with the symptoms matching what was described.”

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