Netizens drag Ka3na after showing off customized private jet and Range Rover, she reacts 

Big Brother Naija former housemate and self-proclaimed billionaire, Ka3na Jones has received backlash from Netizens after she showed off her latest acquisitions.

On her X, the mother of one shared a photo of a private jet and a Range Rover, both customized with her name. Although she didn’t caption the photos, they have sparked a lot of conversation, with some criticizing her for leading a fake life.

One Hyper Maguru wrote: “If this is actually photoshopped then the chase for clout is a lifetime thing for y’all”

One Prettee Dimplex wrote:The jet looks poorly photoshopped button”

One Rashydah wrote: “Them go whine you, but no fold. Photoshop”

One Irenosa wrote: “Inferiority complex is bad”

One Degirl wrote: “Someone said na why she kill her Oyibo husband be this. Una too get bad mouth for this side”

One A4 Autos wrote: “Relevancy as a celebrity hard, na you wey no get contentment dey see them as special being”

One Dicey_001 wrote:At this point so many things you see online go wan whine you. But my bro no panic”

One Miss Chidel wrote: “Ka3na go try to whine us with her edited photoshopped. But make we no panic”

One Dr Adetountanni wrote: “If you have to keep shouting and showing people every Eke market day how wealthy you seem to be then you are PØOR in all sense. The low self esteem is screaming for HELP”

One Big Rossie wrote: “So she was deceiving us. Believe what you see on social media at your own risk o”

One Da Flimzy wrote: “Dunno how y’all are easily deceived on this Obasanjo’s internet cos how on earth una go believe say that babe get private jet or una think say sa BBL dem dey use buy am”

One Jaiyejejeomo wrote: “So should we call this fake life or it’s still part of affirmation thing ladies do??”

One Shile Matrix wrote: “I said it earlier, id you believe anything online the joke is on you ”

One Xandyy Jay wrote: “But she can afford it. Anyone can afford anything based on mindset. In my mind, I have 3 pj’s too. So it’s normal to dream”

Reacting to the series of backlash she has received, Ka3na took to her Instagram page to set the record straight.

Ka3na, unapologetic shared the same photo of a private jet and a Range Rover, both customized with her name and noted that her name is too blessed.

“KA3NA….Name so BLESSED”

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