Netflix launches its new video game platform on Android devices

Today, November 2nd, Netflix announced the official launch of its new gaming initiative. Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game are currently available on the mobile platform. Netflix promises that more titles will be added to the platform in the future.

As part of a test, Netflix launched its gaming service in Poland in August. Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game were initially available only in Poland. However, the service is now available worldwide, and three new games have been added to the platform: Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter Up. The only prerequisites for playing these games are a Netflix account and an Android device. There is no additional fee to play the games, and there are no microtransactions.

Netflix gaming service on Android.

The press release from Netflix goes into greater detail about how players can customize their gaming experience. The gaming service can be used on multiple devices with a single account, but it cannot exceed the normal Netflix account limit. If players want to use the gaming service on more devices, Netflix recommends that they sign out of unused devices or remove access from the Netflix website.

Each game also provides the same language options as the standard streaming service. The gaming platform is not available for the kids’ platform, and if the Netflix account requires a PIN to access, the PIN is also required to play the available games. Netflix allows players to play titles offline, though this will almost certainly necessitate a full download of the game onto the desired device.

The Netflix gaming service is now available on Android devices worldwide.

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