Natural ways to keep the vagina clean

Vagina is a very essential part of a woman body and it should be kept clean at all times. As you know, the vagina cleanses itself naturally by releasing normal vagina discharge.

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There are however other way to keep your cooches clean, here are some ways;

Practice Safe sex

Use protection when having sex. And if you feel that you want to have unprotected sex, ensure that you and your partner get tested for STIs beforehand.

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Wash your vagina with warm water

Some people would advice you to wash your vagina with soap in a right way but there is no right way to wash your vagina as it naturally cleanse it self.

Urinate after unprotected sex

Ensure you urinate when ever you have unprotected sex as it helps remove any trace of sperm left in your body, you could proceed to steaming with ginger and hot water for 5 minutes if you feel like.

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