Naomi Campbell Breaks Instagram Rules With New Photos

British veteran model Naomi Campbell fights against the ideals of the dystopia of oppression and deprivation as she bares it all in erotic new photos as she goes completely topless for her latest shoot for The Utopia in Dystopia summer 2021 issue, the 50-year-old puts her firm sexy breasts on display.

Despite Instagram’s strict rules on nudity that forces women to cover their nipples with their hands, hair, or blur it out, the supermodel shared the topless photo on Instagram without hiding anything.

Well, its Naomi Campbell she’s too big of a personality to be banned by the social media platform, as she has a followership of over 10million.

The 50-year-old black British model isn’t new to nude photos at all, she’s become so comfortable with her body that its up to the onlookers to decide if they want to look and catch a glimpse of her gorgeously flawless body.

Body of a goddess!


See her post below:

as told to @mahoroseward
Photography @luisalbertorodriguezstudio
Fashion Director @mr_carlos_nazario
Editor-in-Chief + Creative Director @alastairmckimm
Art Direction and Editorial Design @Studio191ny
Hair @jawaraw at Art Partner using Dyson.
Make-up by @bimpeonakoya and @Naomi.
Styling assistance @_raymondgee,@christinenicholson__, Cari Pacheco
and Jennifer De La Cruz.
Hair assistance @mattbenns
Casting director @samuel_ellis for DMCASTING.
Post production Michael Moser.
#NaomiCampbell wears briefs @samesameapparel. Headpiece @nasirmazhar for @_mvximilian_. Jewellery model’s own.

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