Nathmac is a young Nigerian rock artist who’s growing popularity has made him our rising star this month. Below is the interview;


Nathmac; how did you come by that name, what’s the story behind the name ?

Well the story behind the name Nathmac isn’t far fetched, I love to keep things simple and Natural as possible. My stage name is the combination of my second name (Nathaniel) and my dad’s name (MacDonald)


You are a young man. What are your motives for going into music. Why music?

I am really excited to answer this question, because in this generation most musicians do not know why they’re doing music. First music is a universal language spoken by all races, tribes and so on. If am gonna connect to people to pass positive messages, I need a universal language. That’s one, another reason is because of the joy it brings to me also. I never get tired of singing or playing guitar, like it is popularly said, music is food for the soul. Music is more than a hobby to me now I think people can get blessed and be uplifted through my music.


What genre of music do you make?

Ok, my kind of music is different from what we listen to on a daily basis. I am well defined and at the same time versatile. I do alternative rock basically. But I venture into other sub genres of rock like indie rock/pop, ambient, afrorock, etc

Do you think music is an art?

I’d say music is an art, Infact the greatest form of art. An art is a skill at doing a specific thing, that is usually acquired through practice. Every artist didn’t turn out to be good at once, they rehearsed, they developed their skills through practice. And an art could also be the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Before I write any music, I have already imagined it. There’s always an inspiration that leads to the way I imagine my music to go. So music is an art cause I can make you see,feel what I imagine.


Who are your role models in Music?

I have a lot of role models, but to mention a few. Chris martins of Coldplay, bukola elemide(Asa) this two persons have contributed positively to my life, to my career and my thinking.


Name one artist would you love to do a collabo with and why?

I’d love to work with Asa. Cause I can connect with her music, and the differences between the music we make is not so much. And because i love her personality


How does your family feel about your music career? Did they easily accept this decision……In Nigeria many parents want their children to be a doctor or Lawyer.

I come from a music family like so many others, my dad was a musician so he didn’t stop me from going into music. My sisters are also musicians so I had no reason not to be one. But that did not stop my mum from yelling at me to face my book. Not like she did not support but she was being skeptical at first. She thought it was a waste of time. But she later saw how focused and determined I was. And when the shows started coming, she just decided to (free me) Laughs. The woman throway eyes jare. It wasn’t difficult getting their full support.



What are your plans for the future?

I am a very ambitious person. Got great plans ahead, got other dreams to chase. But music is the platform for every other thing in my life. I wanna make the world know that Nigeria rocks. We can do more than “afro pop”. And I wanna be a useful to other people who want to be different. But like I said music is the platform for the future plans.

Any message to the youths?

Well, my fellow youths please be focused. I know we hear this alot, but try it and see what happens. Don’t let anyone talk you out of what you wanna become. You can be anything you want if you work towards it. Don’t just say, make sure you do. And anything you do make sure it adds positively to a life. Be a creator.


Thank you for having me, I had a great time talking to y’all.

Find links to Nathmac’s music below.


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