“My wife abandoned me in the hospital and fights me when I don’t give her money” – Mr Ibu tells his side of the story

Veteran actor, Mr Ibu has broken his silence following his wife’s exposure of their marital issues. Read here 

In an Instagram live session with media personality, Daddy Freeze, Mr Ibu called out his wife Stella Okafor for her sense of entitlement and tantrums when things don’t go her way.

Mr Ibu disclosed that his wife  abandoned him while he was in the hospital in Abuja and her hopes was for him to die. Mr Ibu claimed that Stella always fights him whenever he doesn’t give her money.

He said:

“My wife and I have been having so much misunderstanding. We had a big issue and we went to the police station to resolve things. We are currently not living together because of her behavior”.

Speaking on his daughter Jasmine who revolves around the marital issues, Mr Ibu revealed that Jasmine is his adopted daughter and was the one who took care of him and paid his hospital bills when he was hospitalized.

Meanwhile, his second son, Daniel Okafor, who was present during the interview, revealed the extra miles Jasmine always go through to ensure Mr Ibu and his family are in good care.

He said,

“My step mother (Stella Okafor) is being brainwashed. It started in Abuja when he was sick. Jasmine was in Cyprus when Mr Ibu fell sick and she came to Abuja to take care of him while in the hospital and paid his hills. She was the one who paid N500,000 to retrieve his account and went through all means to get verified.

Now that Mr Ibu is back on his feet, she wants to take glory. His wife wasn’t with him in the hospital and rather chose to party”.

Mr Ibu debunks wife’s allegation about children school fees 

Addressing the allegations by his wife that he is yet to pay the children school fees, Mr Ibu said he sent a million naira to her and for the fees.

He further disclosed that his wife sold the cars he bought for her and never gave him an account of what she did with the money.

According to him, whenever he doesn’t give her money, she throws tantrums. He also alleged that his wife is the only planning to sell his property and his daughter as she claims. He added that his wife’s constant nagging has aggravated his sickness.

“My wife aggravates the sickness that I have. Once I have money – she would insult me. Stella was the one who wanted to sell the house”.

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