My Next Big Goal Is To Work With Genevieve Nnaji – Uche Ogbodo

In a recent interview granted by Chidumga Izuzu of, Nollywood award winning actress Uche Ogbodo talks about one actor she is yet to work with, upcoming projects, becoming the “the queen of comedy” among other interesting topics.

The Nollywood  actress who is known for “The Laptop,” “The Laptop 2” and “Royal Palace,” recently made her debut as a producer.

In the interview with Pulse Nigeria, she spoke about producing her first film “Stolen Vow,” being stereotyped, starring alongside Genevieve Nnaji, and misconceptions people have about her.

Read full interview below.

Her thoughts on the film culture in Nollywood

I don’t think we are at our best yet, but I think we are growing and many of us are very positive about movies and production these days. We are putting lot more effort and machineries to get the best.

So, I think we are getting better than we used to be.

Dayo Amusa, Uche Ogbodo and Uche ElenduplayDayo Amusa, Uche Ogbodo and Uche Elendu

On her preference for acting

I prefer acting. Acting is something that I love to do, it’s a passion rooted in me. Producing is something that I just ventured into newly. I am at peace when I’m acting, but when I am producing, I’m like a mad woman. It’s terrible.

On why most actors become producers

Lots of us are becoming more enlightened and advanced than some marketers back in the day. We are well-traveled and we see and relate with filmmakers all over the world. We know so much and we feel that if we bring it into the system, it would make it better.

How she decides a film she wants to be a part of

When I get a script, I read it. I might read it three or four times to be sure the character is one that I want to depict.

I have come to a point in my career where I need strong jobs to take me from grade one to two. When I have to produce a film, I get the story and I read it. If it isn’t in line with what I want to venture in, I just leave it.

Uche Ogbodo on set of 'The Alexis'playUche Ogbodo on set of ‘The Alexis’


On being stereotyped in the industry

There was a time in my acting career when producers cast me as the lead in every comedy movie. It stereotyped me because when other stories came, people would say ‘Oh, Uche? She is only good in comedies.”

It started to hurt me so much because I knew what I was capable of. I know that I am dynamic and can relive any character. They started to call me queen of comedy in those days. It was a terrible situation, so I started turning down comedy scripts.

On how she fixed it

I started turning down comedy scripts. Especially the ones I thought didn’t project me in the aspect that I wanted to be projected.

For some, I increased my fee. That way you won’t say ‘Uche turned down my film’ – you just couldn’t pay me. With that I was able to swing both ways. I started getting other roles: the glamorous and the epic. I balanced it.

On getting out of character

It takes a count of 10 to leave me and become someone else. It’s always easy for me to switch in and switch out.

One actor she can’t wait to work with

It would surprise you that in all my years as an actor, I haven’t worked with Genevieve Nnaji. I can’t wait to work with her.

playStolen Vow is Uche Ogbodo’s 1st production

Challenges as a 1st time producer

I’m a fearless person. I think I can do anything once I put my mind to it. But then I had challenges and at some point they scared me.

I had misunderstandings with some people that I rented equipments from. Just a little here and there that was stressful.

Being a producer is the hardest job in Nollywood. Would I do it again? Yes, but I need to take a break a little bit.

On Misconceptions about her

I think I am wrongly judged, but I think I did that to myself because of the way I put myself out there. Growing up, I did a lot of ‘I don’t care’ kind of things. But as I grew and became more mature, I started to realize that I do care a little bit.

So trying to adjust and become better isn’t easy. It doesn’t really bother me, but I wish people really know who this person is and how nice and such a beautiful soul I have.

Uche Ogbodo and ex-husbandplayUche Ogbodo and ex-husband


On keeping her life

The more you put out about yourself, the more people get to know you, the more predators come to prey. I am a very natural and original person, I don’t hide who I am. But I don’t talk too much.

I think my not saying too much about myself has kept the wall. So you don’t really know as much as you wish to know about me.

On getting married again

“If I am going to get married, I don’t even think anyone would know. That’s how private I want it. I don’t want nobody in my wedding.

If I feel like posting photos on social media, then I will post it like a month later.

Ogbodo will be seen next in her first outing as a producer, “Stolen Vow.” The film will premiere in London on October 20, 2017, at Odeon Cinemas.


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