“My mum got our family to where it is today”— Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah who is a South African comedian, television host and actor has taken to his Instagram handle to thank his mum for being his pillar of strength and the family rock.

Trevor explained how his mother had carried the load of his entire family, similar to the way she carried extremely heavy loads on her head.

Trevor always used to think that his mother had super strength, and now he knows that she definitely does.
He wrote:

Whenever I’d see my mom carrying insanely heavy things on her head I’d always think two things-One, ‘That’s so da*mn cool, I can’t even lift that with my arms.’ And two, I feel like this is a metaphor for her journey in life – she lived her entire life with a giant burden on her head, from her family, her society and even her country.
“But instead of allowing this burden to stunt her growth, she strengthened her neck, improved her balance and practised walking tall despite that load. I can’t believe she got our family to where it is today with the obstacles she faced in life.

The same way she would carry 50kg on her head while having a casual conversation, my mom carried our family every single day. Raising me, teaching me and inspiring me to grow into the best possible version of myself.”

The comedian went on to say that while he knows his mother is not perfect, she was more than he could have ever asked for.

She’s proudly not perfect but always striving for perfection and for me she was the most perfect mother she could be.”

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