“My biggest achievement on earth” – Regina Daniels celebrates both her son’s birthdays

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress, is celebrating the birthdays of both of her sons today—a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.

Regina Daniels wrote a lengthy statement on her Instagram page in which she referred to her sons as both her greatest accomplishments and the source of her motivation for a brand-new way of life.

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She acknowledged how fortunate, favoured, and honoured she feels to be their mother and said that having daily contact with children gives her the confidence to carry out her motherly duties admirably.

Regina Daniels wrote,

“Happy blessed birthday to the fruits of my womb, my jewels, my pride, my blessings, my world!!

Birthing you both has been by far my biggest achievement on earth and my inspiration for a new way of life. I can’t begin to put into words how blessed, favored, and honored I am to be your mother. Seeing you both every day gives me continuous assurance to take on this motherly role very well.

“To my littlest one @princekhalifanwoko my Kharlly, my chuchu, my newest addition, the Oodgwu of the house, the starter, my chubby prince, to be with you is to move you! With you, I know I wanted and desired you and God blessed me with such an amazing calm kid with zero stress! Ooh for this Thank you, Lord. I also know God has blessed your brother with the most amazing little brother because I see and feel the love you have for your big brother. You shall carry a light and grace that shall never DIM. You shall be a blessing to everyone my child.

“And to Moon @princemunirnwoko every day you amaze me with the things you do and say. You are the smartest 2 years old I have ever known off well now 3. You are growing into an incredible and intelligent young boy and that makes me so proud. Your love and care for your brother and other children is so beautiful to watch. I know you are the best partner a brother will ever have.

“As your mother, u bless the day you both were born, you shall never have a reason to weep and suffer. You shall prosper and be a blessing to your generation to come. You shall be blessed and favored by everyone you come across, blessings and favor shall pursue and overtake you both. I pray God guides and protect you both all the days of your beautiful life.

“Above all, I pray for a bond between you too that can never be broken by anything or anyone in this world. You both shall be the true definition of ride or die, of come rain come sun, of my other half, of the yin to my yang, no one said brothers can’t be that. This and many I pray so help me, Lord”.

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