Music Review: ‘Water & Garri’ By Tiwa Savage

Queen of Afro-pop, Tiwa Savage has released her highly anticipated EP titled ‘Water & Garri.‘ It is her first project for the year, a follow-up to her third studio album ‘Celia.’
tiwa savageOn this body of work, Tiwa Savage proffered her A-game dropping jaws in the process by featuring two of America’s music industry big names, alongside Nigerian/Ghanaian fast-rising stars. The EP features Amaarae, Tay Iwar, veteran singer Brandy and veteran rapper Nas.

The 5-track EP opens with the track, Work Fada which has International star, Nas and Rich King giving us a musical blend of unique melody. Work Fada lays emphasis on people who work their butt out to make a difference.

It also points out people who sit back and envy others who are trying their best to work hard. This track says that they will definitely grow old in that sitting position. When people lay too long in the bed they won’t be able to manifest and bring results. It is definitely rich in terms of its beat and and amazing melody.

Tiwa Savage started like the queen that she is, and we can’t help but smile at that. She is able to produce a blend of soft and hard beat to give beauty at its peak.
tiwa savage
One thing she starts out this EP with, is the infusion of the Yoruba language and the track, Ade Ori, is cut from the same cloth. It is not a surprise that a queen will sing about a crown, it is a word liken to her, no cap.

Here she talks about how she doesn’t need the pain or stress of other as she is focused on fixing hers herself.

This track highlights the inner strength we possess as individuals. The need to fix yourself by yourself is the sermon Tiwa Savage is preaching on this track as she sings, “I don’t need no sign I’ve thought it over, I can’t heal my pain I don’t need yours, Nothing feels the same I need to fix up, Ready to come out from my pain, I don’t need yours.

Tales by Moonlight
 features the amazing Amaarea, as she speaks about wanting to have a love that is similar to the feel tales by the moonlight gives. The use of the trumpet and bass guitar plus the background feel here makes the entire melody sound rich and full.

She tells her love interest that she is not sure she is ready to go all the way by taking that relationship step because she is not yet sure she is ready. This track is a love song and a soft flow of deep words that goes straight to the heart.

The emphasis here is that, she is able to highlight the kind of love she wants in this lifetime, which is that which gives the feeling produced by the childhood stories told during tales by moonlight.
tiwa savage
Listening to the songs on this EP one begins to understand what she meant when she called it Water & Garri. It is an exploration of the queen herself and a seamless blend of various facets.

The delivery of each track can’t be over emphasized, the soft way she dropped the lyrics, even the beat is a vibe on its own. In the midst of all these, there is that old school vibe present that we can’t ignore, that almost Fela-feel at the background is evident and just makes it all beautiful. Hearing this body of work just transports us back to the 90s and the beat existent at that time.

Somebody’s Son featuring the legendary voice, Brandy definitely drops jaws. From the opening beat to the opening words this track is definitely hit single material. We literarily see Tiwa Savage herself on the lyrics of this track. The single mother cries out for a companion.

Having a back ground knowledge of this great singer gives more meaning to this track and helps understand from what point of view she has made this beautiful piece. She is surely tired of being lonely as she prays for somebody’s son to love her one day and soon at that. One mention on this track, is that Brandy’s Yoruba was surprising perfect. Just beautiful in and out.

Special Kinda features Tay Iwar and it is indeed special. Firstly, the trumpet is just a mad addition, super cool. Here Tiwa cries out to her love interest pointing out how she needs him and Tay Iwar does the same.

Final Thoughts
If one thought, the queen of afro was letting the title go any time soon, they thought wrong. Reinforcing her title and reviving what made people love her in the first place, Tiwa Savage has done a superb job on this body of work. Water & Garri definitely deserves an 8/10. Just beautiful.

tiwa savage
Tiwa Savage
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