Music Review: Waje’s Latest EP ‘Heart’s Season’

Nigerian veteran singer and songwriter, Waje has dropped a new EP titled, Heart’s Season.

The singer who hasn’t dropped an EP since 2018 seems to be back and better. This follows her 2018 album Red Velvet. 

The new EP was produced by some of her closest and most trusted Afro-soul music producers in the country OG, DJ Klem, and Magic Beats.waje koko tv ngThe 5-track EP has no features as she blesses us with her ever sonorous voice after a long while. Waje explores the use of beautiful instrumentals especially when she made use of the flute, Tamborine, and electric guitar on the opening track, Hold My Hands.

For one who is a huge fan of Waje, the singer can’t be faulted on any account on this track. She delivered hands down, in terms of the voice, lets not start because she is always delivering vocally and tonally. As a contemporary R&B singer, she has done a fantastic job.

The track Bottom Line centers around her love interest, typical of her to surely have a love interest. She picks the theme of love and relationship as she builds the foundation of this body of work on it.

She sings, Listen, your love is full of colors like a rainbow, Na you dey burst my brain oh, Yeah my baby it’s true, Your love is full of colors like a rainbow, Na you dey burst my brain oh, I swear baby na true (Na true).

Here the use of the pidgin language always comes out sounding sweeter than it is, (lol). In this song, the high point of it is the vocal, tonal and lyrical contents. The background singers are just fantastic I must say.

Call On Me is also not far from the underlining theme of this EP, indeed listening to this body of work, one can say it’s really Heart’s Season. As she was able to hit the nail on the head from the first track to the last track.

This song is a classy, Naija version of a love song where synchronization, emotions aroused and mood created is perfect. Come on, Waje is good. She finds a niche for herself and is able to grow, producing great works in this genre.

Giving the different seasons her heart has gone through, we are taken on a journey of love and emotions. Waje gives us rhythm and blues with the presence of jazz and we are loving it on this EP.

Last Time, is super classy and deserves all five stars. From the beginning to the end we are mesmerized at the depth of emotions she is able to arouse and also the depth of vocal strength she produced. I dare say that she sounds like a Madonna. Waje has done well.
The force and seamless flow of the entire song are beautiful.

The guitar is always a perfect spice to add grace and flow to a song and Waje is surely aware of this, on the track, Naked.

Once again, this queen can be said to be a vocal goddess, she has been able to differentiate herself and become one of those singers who put lyrical content, message, and vocal strength first in when it comes to music.

Whatever beat adopted when these three are perfect you will surely have a perfect song. Looking for a love song in classic style and effects, this vocal goddess has presented that to us on a delicious platter of lyrics and beats.

Final Thoughts
Waje’s Heart’s Season is the perfect lovers song and indeed portrays seasons of the heart from the first to the last track. We have to give it to her, the wait from 2018 was worth it. She didn’t drop or fail to meet the expectation of everyone.

Heart’s Season is a beautiful EP that was done with a lot of time, effort, and skill. This is no ordinary EP and we say Yes to it all Waje.


Credit: Jane Aimuengheuwa

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