Music Review: Tomi Thomas

Music Review: Tomi Thomas Delivers A Unique Blend Of Reggae Love Songs.

Singer Tomi Thomas is ushering in a new wave of mainstream Afrobeat music with his latest EP, Hopeless Romantic.

tomi thomasThe burgeoning artist is winning over audiences with his fresh perspective and absolute passion.
The project boasts the influence of multiple genres from the get with sweet serenades to upbeat movers and shakers like “Gogo Dancer,” the Hopeless Romantic EP is a unique mix of modern sounds of the African music scene.

The 6-track EP features stunning acts like dancehall icon Buju Banton. Hit singles like Again and debut of Hurricane are all present.

The deep bass guitar which opens this body of work is refreshing on the track, Love Me Now.
The reggae lyrical delivery is amazing and indeed carries the message of the song perfectly.
The konga and bass drum echoes cement the intended sound of this track.

Tomi calls out to his love interest to love him now as the title implies, time waits for no one.
He seeks for his lady to stand by him as he can’t live without her.
Just typical of emotions and feelings.

The track from which this body of work gets its title from Hopeless Romantic sheds light on a journey of a hopeless romantic. Listening to this track, one doesn’t need to ask why it was a hit single.

The reggae feel of this track is epic. We get insight into the life of Tomi and his constant belief in love.
Irrespective of the fact that people do not stand by him, he walks the road on his own.
He makes us understand that he has come to know that people will act funny but on his own, he will survive. As she remains a hopeless romantic.

He sings; It’s funny, how they show me, That they don’t know me, I’m just a hopeless romantic.
The lovely beat and lyrical arrangement is a beau Tomi.

Again comes in with the dancehall vibe and is a refreshing feel from the reggae vibe of the earlier tracks.
Tomi Thomas makes it back to his love interest on Again and he makes it known that he will love and stand by his love interest.

He says that now he has his lady back in his corner he will enjoy all he can with her at the moment as she wants to be his lover again.

The upbeat of GoGo Dancer takes us back to the reggae sound this EP started with.

Tomi Thomas delivers another love song. But this time, his love interest is a gogo dancer. He is completely in love as she gives all the reasons to love him. Tomi Thomas is surely a loverboy as judging from this EP.
Love indeed the foundation and central theme for this EP as the track Waiting reiterate this theme once again.

We get a deeper understanding of his current situation as he sings true love doesn’t leave in the morning. He spends hours waiting for his lady and he begs her to stay as she is all he needs.
Hurricane the only track with a feature is at the perfect end to this journey.

Tomi Thomas features Buju Banton. They both have similar spice so it’s a seamless blend.
Final ThoughtsHopeless Romantic is a good start for a huge talent like Tomi Thomas. He didn’t fall below expectation as Hopeless Romantic raised the bar. Although he didn’t take off the roof on this body of work, he still did a good job.

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