Music Review: ‘Rudykillus’ By Rudeboy

The long-awaited debut album of Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboy, a member of the defunct group, Psquare is finally here, titled Rudykillus and fans are overjoyed.rudeboyJust as Peter Okoye his twin brother dropped his own debut album, titled Prodigal and it was amazing, Paul has dropped his first solo album. While fans are ecstatic about the album, it just seems to reinforce and make more real the fact that we won’t be getting Psquare back any time soon. The 15-track album is indeed a solo album as he has no features from the first to the last track.

Now unto the matter, the first track that starts this musical journey for us is Nowhere To Go, which is a combination of the songs sang as Psquare. The beats and words are taken from some of the songs they both sang together as Psquare and this is one thing that definitely stands out. The way this song is going one will be more pushed to listen to the old Psquare album, come on let’s move on. The title of the song is indeed nowhere to go because this is literally the case as he can’t seem to move on. Let’s hope the other 14 tracks are not like this. Because if he has nowhere to go, we the listeners have.

Ayoyo is a breath of fresh air and we welcome this track with open arms. The melody is so smooth and the transition is amazing. The mix of the South African beat and the sound of the jingles is just right. Now the title of this body of work is beginning to make sense to us because if he delivers more of this kind of track, we will definitely be shouting Rudeboy kill us, (lol). This is so hit single material as he eulogizes his love interest. Rudeboy expressed the joy of having her in his life and how she is such a blessing.
Getting a feel of Paul Okoye not as Psquare but as Rudeboy is an incredible journey and so far he has not disappointed us because yes we want Psquare back but we are so loving this feel of Rudy.
The first song to be released from this album is Focus and it surely didn’t prepare us for the magic this singer was working on. Here he talks about not caring about what people say because he chooses to focus irrespective of the criticism. He highlights the fact that people will forever talk and ever claim you said what you did not say, but in the midst of this, focus, as that is what will get you the bag at the end of the day.
Ego Nekwu is the real party starter for any Igbo gathering. From the title, one can definitely tell that this is a track for the wealthy party-goers. While the title means, money speaks, Rudeboy once again showers his love and wealth on his love interest as he says that a woman is equaled to peace of mind. He takes his time to describe the kind of woman that deserves to be showered with wealth as he says, only a woman who doesn’t cheat, pleases his heart, and stays with him irrespective of what he goes through is the perfect woman. This song has the potential to be loved by both Igbos and non-Igbos.
It is a known fact that the Okoye twins are known for their killer love songs so we have a piece of that person on the track, Fall In Love. But here he chooses to add a mix of reggae and it makes it even juicier. One prominent theme on this entire body of work is Love as that is what this track is talking about just like its title. He makes it known here that no one can replace his lover and he plans on riding, flying, and doing anything for her which makes him know that he has fallen in love for real now.

The outspoken nature of this singer and songwriter comes into play on the track, Broke Land as he talks about the importance of money. Highlighting how if you don’t have money nobody will call you honey and to the girls, they will say that you are just acting funny. But one consistent fact about this whole album is the terrific beat, come on, in the beats department he killed it hands down. Broke Land is an evergreen track as no matter the situation you find yourself in, it will always have one thing to add or subtract from your situation.

Something Must Kill A Man centers around the sexual exploits he has embarked on with his love interest. I must say the title would not give you an inkling that this is the angle he is talking it from, but realistically, that can kill a man, (lol).

Ihe Neme centers on the happening in life and he uses his life as the focus here, the blessings of God and all he has done. The protection of God upon his life comes into play as he recounts how God has stood by him irrespective of happenings around him, hence, Ihe neme. This is a typical Igbo thanks-giving song and the Anambra blood in this singer comes out full force, so beautiful.

Catch Your Fever, the use of the trumpet and saxophone here is magnificent, but can’t we have at least two songs back to back without the mention of a lady. But that is asking for a miracle because this is Rudeboy. Here is crying out to his love interest here saying she is the reason for his fever, which only she can cure.

4 Days is a pledge once again to his love interest with him saying he will stay with her for days. Comparing her to other ladies she tops them all. Every track just proves him to be more of a loverboy and the track Hey Mama is not far off the mark because this is cut from the same cloth as 4 Days. But here he focuses on the sexual exploits they can both enjoy if she gives it all to him. So far, the title Rudykillus is becoming clearer because it seems he is out for the ladies on this particular body of work.

No Gimme Space is a dancehall groove that will get your body moving in a sensual way before you know it. Going further to give insight into the consequence of the absence of his love interest whenever she leaves. That is why he sings, No gimme space oh, cause if you do dem g kidnap me girl…

The bonus tracks which include Woman, Audio Money, and Reason With Me centers on the ladies and how money is needed to keep them.

Final Thoughts
Rudykillus is a good album but one can’t decipher any other theme asides that of love and sexual exploits. The love in question that he uses as a recurrent theme is just laced to the body and act of his love interest. This body of work doesn’t necessarily supersede our expectations but it can be said to be once again a good album.

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