Music Review: Olamide’s Album ‘Uy Scuti’

Ever talented rapper, Olamide aka Baddo has unveiled his latest album, titled ‘UY Scuti‘.
This body of work comes barely a year after the release of his widely acclaimed ‘Carpe Diem‘ album.Olamide dropped the album on the stroke of midnight on Friday, the 18th of June 2021.
The 11-track album features relatively unknown artists like Layydoe, Jaywillz, and Fave who are credited on two songs. The other featured artist is Olamide’s long-term collaborator, colleague, and friend, Phyno.
This will be Olamide’s ninth studio album in his career and so far this album has been topping the charts.
The album opens with the track Need For Speed which is a deep summary of how far he has come and the struggle to make it in life. Olamide speaks about the way people strive to make money resorting to rituals and other indecent ways.
Baddo also sheds light on how people worship money while praying to God which is not meant to be.
Speaking on this, it all boils down to the need for speed, the desire to want to make it in life which is a very relatable track as the current economy is not encouraging.
Of course, we expect nothing less from this music guru because whatever angle he sings about life it will always be relevant.

Jailer comes next and he features Jaywillz. Here we see a solemn and serious man switch to give us insight into his life from another angle. The switch is epic because here Baddo speaks about his love interest and how her body has become his inhaler because he can’t breathe, WOW.
Jaywillz did a good job if not anything, the way he handled the chorus and his voice texture is a good contrast; while the boss himself killed the verses.
Of course, hearing Rock which is already a hit single we need not speak any further or ask questions. From the lyrics, angle, beat, and instrumentation, all is perfect.
Olamide just knows how to deliver street in a posh and swag-filled way. He never fails in the lyrics department, way to go, man!!!Listening to this point one begins to see how the title of the album, Uy Scuti makes perfect sense.
In the same way, Uy Scuti is a hypergiant star that shines so bright, Olamide too in the entertainment industry has earned himself that position and superstar title. He moved from being a breakout star to a superstar who makes deep statements and trends that people follow and emulate.
Uy Scuti as the largest star has other stars contending for its spot and that is the same case for Olamide.

All by himself Baddo makes hit singles and takes it all. Julie is not far from the mark of being a banger just as Rock.
From the introductory beat and instrumentation, your head and whole body just begin to move, like you can’t help it.
Julie is the name of his love interest who shows him love even though his name is not Romeo. We see the street king, Baddo short of words, and in awe at the fact that there is someone named Julie who loves him irrespective.
Rough Up featuring Layydoe is vibe on its own.
At times one just wonders how Olamide specifically and critically selects people to feature on his albums, he is just unique.
Just like Jailer, Olamide handles the verse while Layddoe serves us chorus on a platter of musical bliss.
Another one that has been given a platform by Olamide is Fave whom he features on two tracks, Want and Pon Pon.
While the latter gives an R&B, sip and chill feel, the former is a party starter and the perfect spice to put the party in motion. Fave did a good job, back to back on both tracks.
Looking at the different directions and angles Olamide has dropped songs on this body of work he truly is the Uy Scuti.
For he has shown that he has the ability to sew together different genres and points of view to produce a whole star. Just perfect.
Once again it’s the boss on his own on the song, Cup of Tea as he mixes street vibes with sip and chills vibe to give us a mad melody.
Cup of Tea is a song that shows a street king in love and has his eyes on his love interest as he sings you are my cup of tea.
The only track that has a feature with a popular artist and also a friend of Olamide is Somebody featuring Phyno.
Considering their friendship it is no surprise that Phyno is on this body of work and for the first time, Olamide doesn’t use the format of singing the verse while his feature sings the chorus but uses another format here.
When you have these two together on track, one just has to expect magic and we are not disappointed.
Baddo sings about love from different angles and they all sound so unique, my gawd.
Somebody feat Phyno is a unique love song that never sounded any better.
So Much More opens with that highlife feel, the resounding piano and guitar is vibe.
Also there is that almost little reggae feel present in the song and it is a cute blend.
Baddo is a king certified, he is able to blend effortlessly, my gawd, just beautiful.
This body of work ends with the bonus track, Petty which is a live performance of Olamide where he gives an appreciation for this entire album and it is just the perfect ending.
Final Thoughts
The album Uy Scuti by Olamide is for the deep and open-minded. Olamide always delivers and this body of work reveals the growth and stamp of Baddo.
How he is able to take life from different angles and produce this perfect medley is just beautiful.
This street king keeps getting better and we definitely can’t get enough, no cap!!!

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