Music Review: Ayra Starr’s ’19 & Dangerous’

Ayra Starr in 19 & Dangerous

Mavin Records teenage singer and songwriter Ayra Starr has finally released her highly anticipated debut album titled,19 & Dangerous‘ The album comes just a few days after dishing out her first amapiano joint, the London-produced ‘Bloody Samaritan.’
ayra starrThe 11-track opens with the song Cast which highlights some of the problems we face as humans. The young singer states that one flaw we have as humans is the fact that we are always listening to what other people say.

When the truth is most people don’t care. This track is a typical Nigerian vibe for all times. Highlighting the underlining fact that if she cast she cast and she doesn’t care. It is important to note that the beat and opening instrumentation is superb, she has done a good job. This song is an anthem for the Gen Z and it is absolutely apt for this young generation.

We move on this musical journey with the track Fashion Killer. Ayra says here that she is a fashion killer who when she steps in people must stop, stare and shiver. The rising star is definitely true in that regard as she is surely shooting for the stars when it comes to the fashion department. One thing this generation kills each and every time is fashion. Ayra Starr embodies the Gen Z and their view of life from some angles.

Lonely is one track that from its title you expect a calm and R&B vibe but she takes us to another realm right from the opening beat. One thing this songwriter has in abundance is that unique sonorous voice, she uses to ace out each and every track, time and time again.

Lonely sheds light on a young lady who is crying out on how lonely she feels at the moment. This can become an anthem for a lot of youngsters who go through heart breaks. Saying she is a human being who can make mistake so her love interest should forgive her for her wrong, so cute.

Snitch which has the first feature with Foushee talks about a lady that is indeed dangerous just as the title of the album says.

The Ayra on this track is ready to treat the f*ck up of any and everybody who steps on her path and on her toes. From a young lady who is ready to attack, we see a young lady who is broken as she cries out and apologies for her past relationship on the track Toxic. Here her sonorous voice is at the fore front as she blames her love interest for her current toxic state.

This is the typical state some youths are in, as they find it hard to understand the reasons for some of their actions.

From a crying lady in love to a queen who drops jaws on the track, In Between. This track is the voice of a lady wondering how she got into her current state. One unique thing about this body of work is the fact that we see different facets of a lot of youth in society today.

Ayra is a reflexion of thousands of youth and it is a beautiful thing to have a representation of who they are and what they go through. The infusion of the Yoruba language added spice as usual to it.

Another song that has a feature is the track Beggie Beggie featuring CKay and it is super cute. This is a relatable track that shows the young singer in another realm and she is doing well. The use of her pigin is super cute, I must say.

From one phase to another, this rising star is on the move as she blesses us with the track Karma. She complains of a cheating lover who left her for her Dana. One charm she has is that blend of pigin and English. Once the saying, what goes around comes around, is very true. While we expect a blast, we get her exalting her lover for always being there to hold.

Bloody Samaritan  is the amapiano track that falls on our hit single list. The amapiano beat always has a way of taking a song from nothing to something.

Bridgertn has a fantastic beat and instrumental arrangement. This sets the mood even before the lyrics start flowing in you are already nodding your head. She surely understand the power of beats and what they do to a track. Just as the title alludes to the series Bridgerton, we got the words right. The track that rounds up this amazing body of work is the Amin, returning to her traditional roots we have a believer here on our hands.

Final Thoughts
Ayra Starr’s 19 & Dangerous is a walk down the path of this Gen Z and she killed every bit of her tracks. For a rising star she is surely doing a good job. We would give this body of work a 7/10. She deserves it.

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