Music Review: Aramide’s New EP ‘Bittersweet’

Nigerian Afro-soul singer, Aramide Sarumoh, popularly known by her stage name, Aramide, has dropped her latest project titled ‘Bittersweet‘.AramideThe award-winning singer-songwriter, who has been off the music scene for a while now is back and better as she drops something for her fans. ‘Bitter Sweet‘ is a 5-track EP that themes majorly about love. It features one of Nigeria’s DMW prolific singers, Peruzzi, and the talented BoyBreed. The singer dropped this amazing body of work on the 21st of July, 2021 and it comes right after Suitcase which was her last album released in 2019.
Aramide opens this body of work with the track from which the EP gets its title, Bittersweet.

From the title one is not surprised at the direction this piece takes. She highlights the fact that love is bitter, bittersweet as she sings. She goes further to reveal that the life that she currently lives is what she asked for but coming into it, she realized that fame is bittersweet.

For an artist who at such an early stage comes out to truthfully give an account of what fame and the life of a celebrity entails, she definitely gets a thumbs up. The instrumentation and symphonic arrangement of this particular track surely make it an epic that will stand the test of time. A very good start as we dig in.

Down For You the first track which has BoyBreed being featured takes a different turn from the former track. One noticeable thing about this EP is the fact that from the titles, you automatically know what to expect and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Down For You is just as expected, love comes into play as she promises to be down for her baby boy and BoyBreed follows suit. I still can’t say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. One thing that takes the cap is the fact her vocal prowess is evident in every track.

Iyawa Wa wets the throat seeing the fact that the almighty Peruzzi is present here. When you have two fantastic songwriters and singers on a track one definitely has to expect the best and the best we get. Right from the introductory beat, this hit was set.

On this particular track, Aramide sounds like a calm Omawunmi and one begins to wonder if she is one of her mentors. This is definitely a song for weddings and for the lovely brides in the building and it couldn’t have been done by any better pair.

Ma Lo is a letter to the love interest of this songstress as she reveals her desires and longings to be his world. Aramide calls out to him to not leave as she wants him for keeps. Females who sing about their love interest always seem so sexy!!! This track is for keeps and surely for the lovers in the building. Love songs never seem finer and sweeter. The beats never sounded any more sonorous, the serenity of this entire body of work is definitely worth commending.

The track Forever brings us to the end of this musical bliss and we definitely thirst for more as this damsel has surely won the hearts of many via this EP. From the first to the last track one theme is prominent, Love. Just as the title says, she promises her love interest that they will be together forever because she makes her feel alright.

Final Thoughts
Aramide definitely understands what climbing up the ladder means as this body of work speaks for itself. Bittersweet gives us an insight into the love-soul of this afro-soul singer and she blows our minds. This EP is definitely for the love birds in the building as Aramide sheds light on love from a unique angle. Way to go girl as we expect much more musical journeys.

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